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Logitech Slim Combo Case with Detachable Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 9.7" (5th & 6th Generation)


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Slim Combo is the ultimate versatility solution for your iPad. 4 use-modes (typing viewing studio for sketching and book mode for reading) detachable keyboard and adjustable kickstand gives you ultimate flexibility. With a pro-level keyboard with backlit keys and iOS shortcuts you can enjoy laptop-like typing experience day and night. Bluetooth LE connectivity makes pairing easy and 3 month battery life* means you do not need to worry about charging. The case features front and back protection and Apple Pencil holder. Slim Combo - Ultimate Versatility for Unlimited Possibilities. Does this work with your iPad? Check Your iPad Model Number: iPad 9.7" (5th & 6th Generation)


Four versatile use modes: All-in-one protective case adjusts to everything you do with your iPad 5th and 6th generation. Typing mode View mode for videos Studio mode for sketching and Book mode for reading

Backlit keys and laptop-like typing: Type day or night with full-size illuminated keys plus a full row of shortcut keys for fast comfortable accurate typing on iPad

Detachable Bluetooth keyboard: Type wirelessly with the keyboard detached or attached or leave it behind when you go places with your iPad protected inside the case

Adjustable viewing angles: 40 degrees of viewing angles with an adjustable kickstand that smoothly reclines and stays in place when you find the perfect setting for your iPad

Apple Pencil holder: Stores and keeps it close so it won’t get lost or in the way

Compatible iPad Models:
iPad (9.7inch) 6th Gen 2018 iPad (9.7inch) 5th Gen 2016 iPad Air 1st Gen 2013 A1893 A1954 A1822 A1823 A1474 A1475 A1476 MR7F2LL/A MR7G2LL/A MR7J2LL/A MRJN2LL/A MRJP2LL/A MR6Y2LL/A MR702LL/A MR7C2LL/A MR7D2LL/A MRM52LL/A MRM82LL/A MP2F2LL/A MP2G2LL/A MP2J2LL/A MPGT2LL/A MPGW2LL/A MP242LL/A MP252LL/A MP2D2LL/A MP2E2LL/A MPGA2LL/A MPGC2LL/A MD785LL/A MD786LL/A MD787LL/A MD788LL/A MD789LL/A MD790LL/A MD898LL/A ME906LL/A ME991LL/A ME993LL/A ME997LL/A ME999LL/A MF003LL/A MF004LL/A MF009LL/A MF010LL/A MF012LL/A MF013LL/A MF015LL/A MF016LL/A MF018LL/A MF019LL/A MF020LL/A MF021LL/A MF024LL/A MF025LL/A MF026LL/A MF027LL/A MF028LL/A MF029LL/A MF496LL/A MF502LL/A MF520LL/A MF527LL/A MF529LL/A MF532LL/A MF534LL/A MF539LL/A MF558LL/A MF563LL/A MD796BR/A MD768CH/A MD785CH/A MD787CH/A MD788CH/A MD789CH/A MD790CH/A ME898CH/A ME906CH/A.


1 Year Warranty