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KeySmart Flex - Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer - 2 Pack


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KeySmart Flex | Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer Are your keys bulky? Are they noisy? Do they jingle when you pick them up? Do they poke you in your pocket? Do you struggle to find the right key when you need it? Your keys are something you use every. single. day. Who wouldn’t want their keys to be easier to use and more comfortable to carry? Not to mention much more attractive than a bulky mess. KEYSMART CHANGES EVERYTHING All KeySmart products are covered by a 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty. “We Value Creativity: KeySmart is protected under Patent D705 533 D754 428 D756 629 D756 630 & other Domestic and International Patents Pending. KeySmart is a domestic and internationally registered trademark. All infringement is subject to legal pursuit. Made with highly flexible polycarbonate for extra durability and Smaller than a pack of gum!


ELIMINATE YOUR BULKY KEYCHAIN: Reach for your keychain! Did you pull out a bulky mess of keys? The KeySmart will organize that mess and free up your pockets!
SHHH! STOP KEY JINGLE: Can your friends hear your keys rattling from a mile away? Go into stealth mode and eliminate your keys from making noise while you're out and about.
NO MORE THIGH POKES: Do you ever get poked by your keys when you sit down? Getting poked hurts and can put holes in your pants. That will no longer be an issue with your neatly organized KeySmart!
EASY ASSEMBLY USE EXISTING KEYS: KeySmart holds all of your existing keys. No need to run out and get special keys cut.
THE ULTIMATE GIFT: How many birthdays Christmas or holiday presents can you knock out right now? KeySmart is the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for any occasion that all key owners will love!


2 Year Warranty