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Heavy Duty Bundle: Windshield & Wiper Ice Protector with Free Mirror Covers


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Discover the Smartest Way to Protect Your Windshield Eliminate the Need to Defrost & Wait for Long Hours This Two-For-One Bundle Provides Protection Convenience and Saves So Much Time on Cold Days Do you live in an extremely sunny and warm area but don’t own a garage? Do you maybe live in one of the coldest areas in your country? No matter where you live we’ve got a FULL-PROOF solution that will prove to be a must-have accessory protecting your car AND making your life 100 times easier! Presenting The Ultimate Windshield Cover For Sun Ice & Snow By briteNway [50’’ x 60’’] The fact is that there are MANY windshield covers on the market. So why should you choose THIS ONE? If you expect perfectly clear safe mirrors every time you use your car you have to use the right tools


A DESIGN YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO FIND ANYWHERE ELSE – This is the ONLY windshield protector available that’s equipped with 12 extremely strong and heavily padded magnets that will secure the guard in place without scratching your hood!

SAVE TIME & ENERGY – Eliminates the pain of scraping and brushing off the ice during chilly mornings and having to suffer a blazing hot interior on those hot summer days.

PROTECTS YOUR CAR’S WIPERS – Provides astounding protection for your windshield wipers and prevents the wiper fluid from clogging.

EXTREME WEATHER RESISTANCE – Whether it’s sunny or windy icy or snowy rainy or foggy our Windshield Cover is 100% waterproof and weatherproof and 100% compatible with all standard vehicles.

INSTALL & REMOVE IT IN SECONDS – You will find detailed instructions as to how to install this Frost Guard on your windshield but for now you should know that the design features unique flaps that are being trapped by the car doors adding safety and security to your vehicle.

They keep your mirrors perfectly visible and ready to use instantly with ZERO EFFORT!

They prevent any possible scratches from other cars if they contact your mirrors!

Thanks to their special stretch feature you can use them for more than one car type and wing size!

Your mirrors are also 24/7 protected from bird droppings leaves and rain that can affect their visibility proper reflection and appearance!


30 Day Warranty