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Cat & Dog Nail Clippers & Trimmers with Safety Guards


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Are you a pet parent? Do you frequently end up taking your pet to the vet simply to get their nails cut? Tired of the vet bills racking up for a very simple task? I wish you could get the right tools so that you could take care of this by yourself in the comfort of your own home! Then look no further! This pair of dog nail trimmers have been specially designed for home use by the pet parent! The pet grooming tool is made from high-quality 3.5mm stainless steel sharp blades which offer you a quick clean cut with minimal jaggedness. It will cut through even the thickest of nails in one go! The blades are guaranteed to stay sharp and retain their edge for years to come providing you with a good value for your money! The dog nail clippers for small dogs also have non-slip grips so that the clippers don’t slip from your hands while you’re trying to get your pet to sit still. This ensures that you only cut the nails and don’t leave any accidental nicks or cuts on your pet’s skin. The dog nail clippers for large breeds also feature a safety stop that serves as a quick sensor and prevents you from cutting too much of the nails. As any pet parent knows too close a cut could result in injuries for your pet and we’ve taken special care to help you avoid that! We also provide you with a free nail file that rests comfortably in the left handle of the clippers. You can use this device to file your pet’s nails so that they aren’t too sharp and you aren’t left dealing with multiple scratches all over your arms and furniture! So get your professional-quality pet grooming tools now!


ULTRA SHARP BLADES- These dog nail clippers have been designed to provide the best and most professional nail cutting experience for your furry little ones. With razor-sharp blades made from high-quality 3.5mm stainless steel these dog clippers will get the job done in one stroke!
NON-SLIP HANDLES- The pet nail clippers have been ergonomically designed with non-slip grips that will ensure that the clippers don’t fall from your hands while you’re trying to get your pet to stay in one place. This helps avoid any accidental nicks and cuts.
FREE NAIL FILE INCLUDED- We provide you with a free nail file with this set of dog grooming clippers so that you can file your pet’s nails after cutting them. This helps minimize the risk of scratches both on you and your furniture! The nail file fits comfortably in the left handle of the clippers!
SAFETY GUARD FOR COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND- These nail clippers for dogs have been designed with a safety guard that ensures you do not cut the nails too short. As any pet parent knows this could lead to injuring your pet and we definitely don’t want that!
IDEAL FOR HOME GROOMING- This set of pet nail trimmers and nail file is the perfect toolset for any pet parent who doesn’t want to make frequent trips to the vet just to get some nails cut! The high-quality construction ensures that the products will last you for years to come.


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