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Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat


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Experience the joy of a heated foot massage with deep tissue kneading rolling and heat function at the comfort of your home after a long tiring day. Simply set up the machine in a cozy spot activate the heater choose your comfortable massage mode and pressure intensity ranging between mild and intense to get a complete at-home spa foot massage experience that rejuvenates your sore muscles from all the stress and aches. Easily Accessible Settings Pad Belmint leg foot massager is aptly designed with a center console that sits between your feet with 5 setting buttons. Use your toes to comfortably control Power Speed Heat and Pressure intensity without having to bend down. Get A Soothing Warmth to Heaven Our Independent Heater ensures footbeds meet your body temperature and eases tension relieve muscle tightness. Warms up your feet to alleviate the stress and provides soothing spa-like treatment with its in-built infrared heat function. Our in-built overheat protection feature automatically shuts off the motor after 15 minutes to prevent damage to the unit and ensure user’s safety. Five Pre-set Levels of Massaging Features five distinct pre-set massages specifically to cater to the different pressure points from heel to toe. Effortless customization with a combination of kneading pressing rolling scraping paired up with the various intensity of air pressure will give a therapeutic massage to your sore foot.


  • DELIVERS POWERFUL RELIEF: The Belmint shiatsu foot massager is a powerful deep-kneading massager to relieve tired muscles plantar fasciitis neuropathy chronic pain muscle tension & improves blood flow.
  • OPTIONAL HEAT FUNCTION: Built-in Infrared switchable heat for comfortable warmth heat helps to ease tension release tight muscles and improve blood circulation.
  • MASSAGES BOTH FEET: Dual footbeds feature innovative rotational massage heads to simultaneously provide dedicated massage to each foot. It comes with a removable mesh insert to allow the foot to breathe. Remove to wash & clean.
  • EASY CONVENIENT CONTROLS: Center console sits between feet; use your toe to control pressure modes & heat without the need to bend down. Includes a wireless remote controller.
  • COMPACT STURDY DESIGN: Deep footbeds enable comfortable use wherever you sit; portable build means the muscle relief goes wherever you do - Give this heated foot massager as a gift perfect for any occasion. Fathers Day birthday gifts or any unique gifts for women /men /yourself.


30 Day Warranty