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Belmint All-Inclusive Foot Spa Massager


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All-Inclusive Foot Spa Massager Tub by Belmint Enjoy an all-in-one foot soaking massage tub that delivers a complete stress-melting spa session at the comfort of your home. Equipped with: Infrared Light (With Antibacterial Action) 2x Loofah Discs for Gentle Exfoliation 2x Water Jet for Bubbles 2x Wheel Rollers for Shiatsu Massage Bath Salt/ Herb Diffuser for Aromatherapy Sit back and relax after a long day at work and turn your private space into a stress-free zone. Effortless setup in any space of your home. With a 5.5” H by 15” L by 12.5” W you have plenty real estate for your feet yet a highly portable size. Immerse your feet and calves in total relaxation. Enjoy a spacious water reservoir that can maintain your water’s temperature- Simply pour hot water and enjoy! Turn to position 1 for Bubbles + Warmth position 2 for Infrared Light+ Warmth position 3 for Bubbles + Infrared Light. No complicated functions-just relaxation Exfoliate your feet with the loofah discs treat yourself to Shiatsu massage accompanied with relaxing bubbles and why not add some bath salts for an enhanced aromatherapy session. Our Foot Massager has it all and soon so will you? Enjoy a complete spa massager kit that will soak your feet and calves into total relaxation through a restful bath. Belmint wants you to feel at home and help you rediscover peacefulness via simplicity. A simple pedicure or foot bath can help you take all the tension off and our foot bath massager is bound to be your dedicated relaxation hub. Pamper your feet and enjoy a true spa experience at the comfort of your home with Belmint.


  • COMPLETE SPA SESSION FOR YOUR FEET- Belmint brings you a complete foot spa massager to melt your stress away at the comfort of your home. Equipped with 2 loofahs Antibacterial Infrared mode Warmth retention mode Massage Wheels/ Rollers and a Diffuser to hold your favorite bath salts
  • EASY TO USE- Our foot bath massager tub features a one-knob easy operation to keep things simple. On position 1 you get Bubble Jets & Warmth mode on position 2: you enjoy the infrared light mode & Warmth mode and on position 3: You get Bubble Jets & Infrared light. To use simply fill with HOT/WARM water at your comfort level and our massager will do all the hard work
  • SHIATSU MASSAGE AT HOME- Thanks to the Shiatsu roller wheels that work in unison with the bubbles from our water jets our foot soaking tub reinvigorates your feet through stress-relieving massage. Plus the infrared light kills germs on contact leaving your feet refreshed
  • SOFTEN & RELAX- Our foot massager features two loofah disks so that you can soften and rejuvenate your skin through gentle exfoliation. What’s more you can place your favorite bath salts in the dedicated salt/ herb diffuser for a tension-melting session. NOTE: Our massager does not heat water up- it can only slightly warm-up to help preserve the temperature.


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