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Portable Electric Automatic Roller Foot Bath Massager


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This is the footbath massager which is suitable for the whole family and can improve your quality of life. With automatic massage rollers and bubble massage it can effectively promote blood circulation relieve the soreness and fatigue of calves and feet and smooth the meridians. The acrylic touching panel is very sensitive even if you splash water on it carelessly. According to your needs you can choose three different modes. The red light can improve the therapeutic effect as well as reducing swelling pulsation or redness. You can freely set the temperature according to your needs. The comfortable handle helps you lift the foot tub easily and 4 footpads prevent the footbath from sliding. If you are looking for a foot massager like this do not hesitate to place an order!


  • Perfect for people who often need to stand at work to relieve foot pain
  • Best gift for the elderly and office workers
  • Automatic massage rollers promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue
  • Bubble massage constantly stimulates the foot acupoints to achieve the effect of soft massage
  • Red light function sterilization and promote blood circulation
  • Quick heating gives you a good foot bath experience
  • Precisely set the temperature freely adjustable between 95°f and 109.4°f
  • The waterproof acrylic touching panel is very sensitive to touch
  • 4 non-slip pads help the foot massage tub not easy to shake or slide
  • Portable ergonomic handle makes it easy to move
  • Overall dimension: 13.5" x 16.5" x 7" (L x W x H)
  • Power consumption: 450 W
  • Power: 120v/60 Hz
  • Running temperature: 95°f-109.4°f


30 Day Warranty