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48W UV LED Low Heat Gel Nailpolish Drying Lamp for Nail Salons and Home Use


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Our UV LED Lamp is specially designed for fingernail toenail gel curing which has 4 kinds of time setting(10S/30s/60s/99s) time counting LCD display and 48W fast dry options no pain mode(maximum time duration is 120s) meeting your different demands for curing time. It can be started automatically by infrared induction if you put your hand or foot into the machine without repressing the time setting button. Double light sources(UV & LED) from 24 high-performance LED lights 180° illumination LED light distributes evenly curing nail gels (includes UV gel / Builder / LED gel) more quickly no harm to your eyes and your skin. Why not try it now and save you a lot of money?


48W UV LED LAMPS: Designed with 24 symmetric LED beads and dual UV/LED light sources offering 180° illumination range fast and evenly to dry your nail gels. No harm to your eyes and your skin safe to your health no need to worry about black skin can be used at ease.

SMART INFRARED INDUCTION SYSTEM: Inbuilt with dual infrared-sensitive PIR sensors auto-on when both hands/feet in and auto-off when they out. No need to manually repress the time setting button. It will auto-off after 120S duration.

10S/30S/60S/99S TIME SETTING & TIME COUNTING: Featured with 10s/30s/60s time settings. You can adjust the time freely according to your needs improving efficiency and saving time. When using the 99s low heat mode power increases gradually overtime to eliminate the pain problems caused by curing gels. With a 1.6inches LED display counting time to nail dry and no need to look at other clocks. Note: plug into the power adapter then choose the time settings.

DETACHABLE MAGNETIC BASEBOARD: The baseboard of the nail lamp can be easily detached via four strong magnets cleaned and sanitized which prevents light leakage and 6inches wide enough to place both hands/feet.

PROFESSIONAL SALON NAIL LAMP: The pursuit of beauty is appreciated among us. Our nail dryer is applicable to curing almost all nail gels evenly without a dead zone! Suitable for drying nail UV-glue builder glue nail polish gel sculpture gel gem glue and LED nail gel. Ideal for home & salon nail beauty

1. No water or liquid splash into the nail dryer machine otherwise damage may occur;
2. Stop use when the timer function is in bad condition;
3. Please plug off when a long time of no use;


30 Day Warranty